This Site Is Dedicated To
My Little Cherokee Grandma

Who Told Me
When I Was Nine Years Old

That One Day

I Would Save The World

A tokenfreethinker has come to heal our religion and politics, not to destroy and oppose them.
I dont claim to have a perfect life or that i have everything figured out...  What i do is encourage others to discover the science of their own life.  Experiment with thought and feelings.  Allow yourself to explore different options and opportunities.  Check and balance yourself with each new experience. 

 How does it feel?  Am i becoming closer to healthy balanced wholeness or further away?  Is this something i can share with others?  How would i feel if someone else behaved the way im behaving?  Am i losing control of my mind, emotions, life?  What would be best for me as a person?  If i had a dream of the perfect life, what would that be?  How can i obtain this dream?  What are the necessary steps right now today that i must take to move toward my dreams of this desired life?

Now, give yourself a break.  Dont be so hard on yourself.  Have compassion on yourself.  Take your time and don't get over pressured for results.  This is your life, right here, right now....  So enjoy the process of self healing and remind yourself of where you started and how far you've come.  For one thing you were without knowledge of even helping yourself just a few minutes ago and now you are on the path of recovery.  So congratulations!  You have taken the first and most important step toward healthy balanced wholeness.  You have realized you need to heal.  You have admitted that you are not completely whole or balanced.  That is a great advantage and powerful change.  Many people are on a downward spiral and do not even know it.  Much more they will never admit or understand they need help or a new approach.  But, YOU DO!!!  Wow!  You're pretty darn awesome!  You have now become a scientist!  A life study experimenter!  So, get to work and make a better life for yourself!  

The things i have posted here can help get you started.  Knowing that i myself used them to heal.  Believe me, you will never get as low as i did.  Nor will you ever experience the pain and loss i have known....  So, there is HOPE!  You can make it through this!  Even if you feel you are in your darkest hour of life.... You can make it through and find a better life for you and your personal world.

There is another book i recommend.  It has taken me to the final level of healing.  Maybe i could've healed much faster if i would've known about it sooner.  So here it is for you.  It's called
by Dr. Maltz.  
Enjoy the process and relax.  You've just stumbled upon everything you need to get through anything you may be facing in your individual life.  Be courageous and strong!  You are a champion in the making and are already on the path to self discovery and healthy balanced wholeness.  Remember you should enjoy the process.  Every part of transformation needs to bring more pleasure, more joy, more oneness.  As you grow your perceptions will alter and things you thought foolish may become your main focus.  Things you thought wrong may become your guiding light and strength.  The point is to feel good and appreciate all the little subtle details and fall in love with the way it feels because it represents the pitch and tone of your new life.  If you are pressured and in a hurry then you will find more pressure as you go.  Let the step by step process be fun.  Aim your focus on enjoyment.  Appreciate your body and the pleasure it can bring you.  Accepting the functions of your body and the provided stress relief organs.  Especially your sexual organs. Knowing that each stimulation releases natural drugs from within.  These drugs are meant to carry out a purpose when needed or just plain wanted.  Sometimes you have to go a little too far just to know your balance.  But be careful and attentive.  Find your balance and be productive.  Realize what each lesson is teaching you.  See the similarities of the small lessons to the big lessons.  Each being a reflection of the whole.  Every part of you is a sample of your entire self and a sample of everyone else as well.  Some may be focusing on different things in their own lives, but even these things are connected to everything else.  Be comforted in knowing that no matter what part your focusing on, you are heading in the right direction as long as it brings you more love and appreciation, and if you makes you feel more connected and accepting of yourself and others.  Still it takes work and dedication.  You have to do the things provided.  You must be willing to fight for your own mind and health.  You must apply yourself to these things and be willing to change.  You must be willing to admit you have been wrong and to realize you need help.  Congratulations and I love you!
If you still look at the stars
as something above you
then you still come from a place
lacking of knowledge
Everything that exist
is formed
The breath of GOD
These are all
in a different form
We ourselves
are also
different forms of GOD
made manifest
in flesh.
If Jesus is trying
to say anything
He is trying to say
He is one of Us
He is the potential
of everyone
if only we believe
that we can be
He is Jesus
his Mama
told him
he is Jesus
made him
believe it
with her heart
and life
believes it
even when
Jesus Believes It
His Mother

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